A Top Station Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd is a company that specializes in display system and printing service. We are committed to offer prompt and efficient services along with reasonable prices. These are the company goals that have brought us up to become one of the main printing companies in Malaysia.

Our goal has always been to consistently provide the best customer service experience to our clients. We have a qualified team of professionals who constantly strive to provide economical and pioneering solutions to all your printing needs, depending on your requirements and budget.

We offer one-stop solution with zero-hassle to our customers, right from the sourcing of the product and provide excellent printing services to your needs.

Feel free to browse through our website and you will have a better understanding about the printing works that we offer.

FREE RENTAL credit card machines

PVC edging frame


(Outdoor) Iron Truss System

tension fabric display system 2,4 x 2.3 meter

SPA2 poster standee

Bunting T-Bar Stand water tank version

Poster A Board Standee (SP-8)

Tension fabric rectangle A standee (SFA)

Flag Banners 4 Meter Stand (SF4 type B)

Flag Banners 4 Meter Stand (SF4 type A)

LED Light Box Fabric Standee (SEG)

OVAL shape Tension fabric Counter (TFB - 980 A)

Slim Light Box LBS A4 to A1

4 panel Folding display 60x180cm (4PFW)

Tension fabric booth 3x3 meter module B

tension fabric backdrop spotlight LL4-TF

tension fabric counter TFC

tension fabric module E

tension fabric 6 meter width

(Indoor) mini truss system 8 x 8 feet

(Indoor) mini truss system 14 x 8 feet

Folding panel white board (PFW)

Folding panel navy blue (fabric) PFF

Large Format Printing

Printing Services

PMR - table

Multi Rack (PMR)

Jumbo Banner (PJB)






PTR T style bunting stand

PTR huge backdrop Propose

PTR Bunting

SL3 (Triple Panel)

SL3 (Single Panel)

SL3 (Double Panel)

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